A cigar is one of life’s finest pleasures. It denotes moments and experiences that true cigar aficionados remember for a lifetime. Cigars are an investment. They need to be properly humidified and stored for that perfect occasion, whether you smoke them at home, on the golf course or on some tropical beach.

Serious cigar aficionados take pride in purchasing the best cigars and the best cigar accessories. The Cigar Case is the perfect solution for the traveling humidor. Not too big, not too bulky, not too heavy, it’s the perfect size whether you’re traveling overnight or for a whole week.

Designed by a cigar aficionado, The Cigar Case has a distinct, unique design. Protecting your cigars and accessories from the elements, while not damaging the bag it’s being carried in. Every Cigar Case is handcrafted using the same materials as the world’s finest luggage. It is waterproof to ensure that water stays out and humidity stays in. It is soft, yet sturdy enough to prevent cigar damage and has two pockets to accommodate cigars of various lengths and ring gauges, yet small enough to easily fit in your notebook or briefcase when you travel.

The Cigar Case is made of either leather or waterproof ballistic nylon with a waterproof zipper, this ensures that water stays out and humidity stays in. The leather Cigar Case has an embossed logo on the front face giving it an executive flair.

The Cigar Case is the perfect size for the traveling aficionado. It is designed to blend in with your notebook or briefcase and will make taking your cigars worry-free.

The interior of The Cigar Case is organized with four pockets, two for cigars, one for humidification and one for accessories. The two cigar pockets have a zippered mesh lining, making a soft secure enclosure for your cigars and minimizing movement while you travel. The mesh pocket along the spine is designed for test tube style humidification. The nylon zippered pocket on the lower left is designed for your favorite cutter and lighter.

The larger zippered mesh pocket is designed to hold up to 5 cigars (10X60 ring gauge).

The smaller zippered mesh pocket is designed to hold up to 5 cigars (5X50 ring gauge).

The zippered nylon pocket will safely carry your favorite cutter and liner and is also waterproof.

The mesh sleeve along the spine and the smaller zippered mesh pocket will accommodate both test tube and pillow pack humidification products.

Let your cigars travel in style with The Cigar Case.