The Cigar Case is an essential component in safely carrying your cigars with you. It was designed by a traveling cigar aficionado, who was tired of using Ziploc bags with pillow packs and making sure that his cigars were carefully placed in his briefcase.


The Cigar Case comes with either a waterproof ballistic nylon or a leather exterior with a waterproof zipper. This leather exterior is accentuated with a beautiful embossed logo. Inside the case, are carefully designed pockets each with a specific purpose. No more fussing around, digging for cutters or lighters. No more adjusting cigars so that they never move around or stay in the order you placed them. The Cigar Case will protect and organize all your cigars and cigar accessories for short-haul or long-distance trips.

The Cigar Case is the perfect traveling companion. Fitting in your briefcase, it will easily hold up to 10 cigars; five 10X60 and five 5X50, accommodate both tube and pillow pack humidification devices and your favorite cutter and lighter. When you travel first class, so should your cigars.